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Courtney Kerr Loves To Take Showers, Episode Two

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The second episode of Bravo's Courtney Loves Dallas is thankfully behind us. For those of you who missed it--cheers!--your IQ is now markedly higher than ours. However, we cannot help but think you missed some vintage quotables from your favorite "fashion blogger," Miz Kerr:

· On a boring conversation with her ex, Matt: "I've gone deeper in an exfoliating treatment." Boo-yah!
· About D Magazine, in which she is being featured as one of the ten most beautiful women in Dallas: "It is the chic city guide for Dallas." Objection!
· On a first date at a sushi restaurant: "I haven't been eating...[I'm] really looking forward to it." Girl, nothing's worth not eating.

She also takes a shower with her girlfriend (two showers, two this compulsory?) and there are numerous gratuitous shots of her flat mid-section, which she seeks to winnow down with hemorrhoid cream. Neat. Join us next week when we'll follow Courtney to Fashion Week, where some idiot deigns to insult our heroine (See, we stuck it out until next week's promo! Working hard, here, working hard.)
· Bravo [Official site]