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Courtney Loves Dallas Debuts, Crickets Chirp (Pre-Ice Storm)

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Did you hear? Courtney Loves Dallas, the new show about erstwhile blogger Courtney Kerr, debuted last night on Bravo. But perhaps you were too busy watching Carrie Underwood "act" or Kerry Washington "fix." No matter, we've got the lowdown on what you missed. ("Missed" being a relative word.)

1. Courtney doesn't love Matt Nordgren any more. He is the fella she went hot-tubbing with last we saw on the Most Eligible: Dallas finale. (Um, this was a show?)
2. Courtney loves, in no particular order: white wine, free clothing, talking about herself.
3. Bravo loves Courtney. At the end of the episode, there's a loonng trailer promoting the rest of the season.

No word yet if Dallas loves Courtney.
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