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2014's Hottest New Beauty Product Is This Mousy Little Sponge

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Today's pick comes from Racked editorial director Izzy Grinspan.

Julep konjac cleansing sponge, $12

Shortly after beauty brand Julep sent some konjac sponges to the Racked office, I started noticing them everywhere. Teen Vogue editor (and former Racked intern) Phillip Picardi Instagrammed them, Fashionista wrote a trend piece referencing his Instagram, and Refinery29 published a story called "Should You Add A Konjac Sponge To Your Skin-Care Arsenal?"

I'm incredibly cautious when it comes to changing my skincare routine, but I'm also a total sheep, so I figured I'd give the sponge a month and see what happened. Here's what happened: My skin looked amazing. Konjac sponges are soft enough that they won't irritate delicate complexions, but they're also great at unclogging pores, leaving your face perfectly clear and clean. No wonder they've developed such a bandwagon.
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