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Czech Stop The Presses! A Facialist to the Stars Lives in Dallas

Image via <a href="">Joanna Czech</a>
Image via Joanna Czech

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It's been awhile since our last facial (spring of 1992...kidding!), so no wonder we're clueless and just now figuring out we have a Skin Superhero in our midst. Her name? Joanna Czech. Her claim to fame? She's a celebrity aesthetician whose clients include Christy Turlington and Kyra Sedgwick. Why should you care? Because she moved to Dallas last year and can now be your aesthetician too.

Tell us a little about your background, and what brings you to Dallas?
I left Poland 25 years ago and came to New York where I began my career. In 1995, my career began to really take off at Paul Labrecque's salon and spa at the Reebok Sports Club location which was the hottest spa in town. I opened my own spa in 2003 (and have sold it since) and in 2010 I met my husband who lives in Dallas and I decided to move to be with him in 2012. I currently work between New York and Dallas primarily, as well as internationally depending on my clients' needs.

Where do you offer your services here?
I see clients by appointment only in Park Cities (646-331-7801;

What are the most popular services you book in Dallas?
Facials, brows and waxing.

How do your clients here differ from your NY clients?
They are strongly focused on health and beauty and seem to have more time to do so than my New York clients.

You have quite the celebrity client list. How did you amass such a fabulous following?
I met some at Paul Labrecque at the Reebok location when I first started, and like many good things, word of mouth created a demand from other well-known clients.

What is the range in price for your services?
Prices ranging from $15 for a lip wax to $550 for LED Facial Therapy.

What are your top beauty items?
I love a few lines and use products from them personally and on my clients. My favorites include: La Mer's Concentrate and their Signature Moisturizing Cream, Tatcha Facial Oil Cleanser and Biologique Recherche's Balancing Lotion P50V and Finishing Serum Fluid VIP 02.

Can you give us a glimpse into your own personal beauty regimen?
My regimen begins at night when skin is most receptive to absorb the products. I use and oil cleanser with washcloth (I love oils), then apply Balancing Lotion P50V and then the Concentrate and Moisturizing Cream by La Mer (I love this product for eyes and face). I don't tend to wear much makeup in my daily life, but when I do wear it, I love mixing Babor's H Cancelling foundation with La Mer's Moisturizing Cream for a more natural look. I love Tom Ford's lipsticks and Laura Mercier's cream blushes. Diorshow is my mascara of choice.

Can you speak to any current trends in the industry right now?
The idea of remodeling, sculpting and lifting skin in an effort to fight sagging skin seems to have begun and will be where products and treatments head in the future. There is more emphasis on massaging the skin and using lifting and sculpting products. I am a big fan of La Mer's new Lifting Contour Serum.

How often do you fly back and forth between the two cities?
I fly one to two times per month to New York.

Any plans for expansion into other markets?
I am pretty global as it is and go where my clients need me to be.