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Memo to Bravo: Please, No More 'Gratuitous Sideboob'

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Image via Bravo/Facebook

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Show of hands. Who's still gathering girlfriends 'round the ol' couch for Thursday night Courtney Loves Dallas watch parties? OK, another show of hands: Anyone want to admit that they can hardly watch this series?

After a mere handful of shows, it seems viewers have given up on the excruciatingly paced half-hour documenting the fashion blogger's (hypnotically awful?) travails. Whether you're feeling duped by Bravo's misleading editing (Courtney's mom's cancer storyline turned out to be a skin cancer scare) or just averse to the lead's Dallas-sized ego, the show is tanking in the ratings. After three episodes, CLD is averaging 564,333 viewers—not so good in Nielsen-speak.

Perhaps it's nothing that a few more showers with one's roommate and "gratuitous sideboob" won't fix.
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