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Peter Pilotto x Target a Dud? One FW Target Seems to Think So.

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The parking lot was empty and five lone souls stood outside in the cold yesterday morning at a Target in southwest Fort Worth. Perhaps we should have all slept in? It was clear any talk of hype surrounding the Peter Pilotto for Target collection was a touch overstated for this market.

While the fashion duo behind the collaboration has more name recognition in New York circles, their digitally manipulated tops and dresses didn't draw boffo business here. With most of the collection in stock (alas, we didn't see this or this) and a range of sizes available, the small nondescript section in the front of the store stayed that way for much of the day. We checked back around mid-afternoon, and the racks were clear (of people) and a wide range of collection remained available.

What say you of the quality? While we found the sweatshirt unreasonably stiff and the gorgeous jacquard dress quite unflattering for those of us with hips, many of the prints, especially the shirts, were deceptively slimming despite their vivid floral motifs. On the accessories end, the clear pouches seemed overpriced for what they are (zip bags with very small canvas envelopes within them) and the sunglasses are sure to be less of a torture device for those of you with smaller noggins. The best bet across the collection may be the appealing beach towel. But who's buying those when we've got a wintry mix in the forecast?
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