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Looking for Slimming Denim this Spring? DL1961 is the Answer

Image via DL1961
Image via DL1961

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There's no better time to sport jeans than in the spring. Or the summer. Or...well, you get the picture. Today, the six-year-old New York-based denim upstart DL1961 launched its spring collection, including the intriguing InstaSculpt jean. Featuring a patented "complex fabric formula" of stretch technology, it also has a higher waist and longer inseam. All of which can create the illusion of a sleek and lean look. (Neiman Marcus and a handful of other NorthPark retailers carry the denim.)

If you're already sleek and lean, however, we suggest you direct your attention to the Angel eyelet skinny jean (above left, $244), an effortlessly pretty lace-and-denim mashup that'll have you counting down the weeks 'til spring.
· DL1961 [Official site]