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RadioShack Gets With the Super Bowl Program

Image via RadioShack
Image via RadioShack

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Quick—when was the last time you set foot inside a RadioShack? No doubt it's probably been awhile (if ever).

So we're proud of the Fort Worth-based retailer (or rather its ad agency, GSD & M) who plumbed the problem to hilarious perfection last night during the Super Bowl with its '80s-style nostalgic tribute, which is drawing raves and Best Ad huzzahs from virtually everyone who watched.

The ad, featuring the likes of Mary Lou Retton and Hulk Hogan (plus Alf and don't forget the werewolf from Teen Wolf too), had '80s icons raiding a very dated-looking RadioShack store. The end game? RadioShack is new and improved. And looking more than a little like an Apple store if you ask us.
· RadioShack [Official Site]