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Kate Mara and More Stars Reveal Their Pre-Red Carpet Rituals

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In anticipation of the 86th Academy Awards, we stopped by the swanky Four Seasons Beverly Hills to experience QVC's 5th Annual Red Carpet Style gala, a place where Hollywood's hottest celebs, designers and stylists gather to unwind before the big show. Taking a note from our chat with Best Supporting Actress nominee and massage enthusiast Lupita Nyong'o, we couldn't resist asking attendees one burning question: "What is your pre-red carpet ritual?"

Check out our gallery for some of the clever (and hilarious) ways stylish stars like Kate Mara, Kaley Cuoco and Gabourey Sidibe prep before stepping into those flashing lights. If you're looking for more Oscars-related excitement, be sure to print out our red carpet Bingo board here and play along with us this Sunday. We'll also be live-Tweeting all the action here and rolling out a realtime gallery of the night's red carpet looks. It's a party!

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