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These Perfect Pants Flatter Your Abs and Feel Like Sweats

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Today's pick comes from Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant.

Wilfred Free Schiffer pants, $110 at Aritzia

If you're like me, tight pants are not your first round pick for Team Get Dressed in the Morning. But I was a very late adopter to the slouchy trouser trend because I was convinced they'd look lazy or baggy in a Marky Mark way. No bueno. In fact, they're sort of a dream—like wearing sweatpants to work but no one knows or cares. Muy bueno!

This particular pair by Wilfred has pleats and tapered bottoms, giving them enough structure to look passably office-appropriate. I sized up for an authentic sweatpant feel and found that, because the elastic waistband (!) doesn't cut into the hips, it makes my torso look exceptionally ab-tastic.
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