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Dallas Art Fair—Almost Here—Releases 2014 Schedule

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Image via Dallas Art Fair
Image via Dallas Art Fair

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The Dallas Art Fair, set for April 11-13, is garnering momentum in its sixth year. This year's installment will feature a slew of big names (hello, Julian Schnabel) as well as a solid collection of mid-career artists' work.

Some 90 galleries—national and international—will vie for fair-attendees' attentions, as patrons wind their way through the maze-like booths at the Fashion Institute Gallery. From the preview gala to panel discussions to "Chit Chats" with the above-mentioned Schnabel (as well as one with artist Richard Phillips), the event offers diverse programming— even venturing to Fort Worth (!) for an evening at Coyote Drive-In.
· Dallas Art Fair [Official Site]

Dallas Art Fair

Fashion Industry Gallery, 1807 Ross Ave., Dallas