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Springtime for Runners: Check Out New Shoes from Spira

Image via Spira Footwear
Image via Spira Footwear

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There are a plethora of reasons one may have for not running this weekend's half-marathon in Dallas. But scratch the "I don't have any good shoes" one from your duffle bag o' excuses.

Because meet Spira Footwear, the 12-year-old El Paso-based company that makes spring-laden trainers. For those unacquainted with the shoes, they feature a patented WaveSpring technology that actually allows you to run for longer periods of time with less stress on your body. In addition, recovery time is reduced and injuries are prevented because of the lightweight shoes. The new Stinger XLT ($134.95) is perhaps Spira's most attractive shoe to date, featuring a frenetic neon-purple-pink palette with which other brands have capitalized.

You can get your hands, er, your feet on these superstars at local stores such as RUN by FootLocker on Lovers and Foot Solutions on Royal Lane.
· Spira Footwear [Official Site]