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Samira Far Is Bringing Bellacures to Preston Center this June

Bellacures, a mini-chain of nail salons in Southern California that stakes its name on cleanliness and customer service. Lucky for us, Far is expanding her business and has found a first franchisee to launch the chain outside of California—in Dallas
Bellacures, a mini-chain of nail salons in Southern California that stakes its name on cleanliness and customer service. Lucky for us, Far is expanding her business and has found a first franchisee to launch the chain outside of California—in Dallas

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How would you describe Bellacures--what distinguishes it from just another nail salon?
Bellacures does an excellent job at maintaing cleanliness and customer service standards far beyond what the industry currently has to offer. We specialize in comfort, a cozy atmosphere, and quality manicures and pedicures. Our set-up is different than any other nail salon in that it provides a lounge chair for the customers to relax in while the manicurists work around you. We use disposable supplies, offering a new set of supplies for each customer and we sterilize our metal implements in an autoclave, providing ultimate cleanliness.

You've been very successful growing your business in California. Why expand, and why Dallas first?
The vision for Bellacures is to be the brand that clients think of when they think of manicures. We've been successful in Southern California and plan to expand to different markets until we cover the major US markets and beyond. Bellacures is a franchise system. When we find excellent qualified franchisees who we believe will be able to build the brand and help it grow, we bring them into our system. Dallas was just that!

Where do you plan to open your first store? Where will the other three locations be?
The first Dallas location will be in the Preston Center. The following locations are aimed to be in other major pockets of Dallas and the suburbs, just outside of downtown Dallas. The locations have not been secured yet, so we cannot disclose the exact locations.

How will you distinguish yourself in the Dallas market?
It's a no-brainer. Dallas residents are stylish, classy and have a standard for their lifestyle far beyond that which the local nail salons offer. We plan to meet them where they are at by offering the best customer service, quality and aesthetic.

Talk a little about why it is you want to expand all over the country. What is it about this niche that you think is underserved?
I think the nail salon industry is thirsty for a better option. Bellacures is about setting a new standard in the industry with regards to cleanliness, customer service, consistency in quality, and a style that customers feel a connection to. Bellacures provides this option and connects with customers in a way that builds loyalty.

What kinds of services/specials does Bellacures offer that may be different than other salons?
Bellacures offers spa-like services in an in-and-out environment. We do a great job at bringing relaxation and pampering to a 30-60 minute experience. We have a thorough menu of services covering every kind of manicure and pedicure, as well as treatments that exfoliate, soothe and moisturize your hands and feet.

What is a California client like, and what do you think a Dallas lady may want that will be different?
This is such a great question and what excites me the most! I love getting inside our customers' heads and hearts. What is that they want? What do they feel when they go into a nail salon? What is a great experience and what is a bad experience? We have it figured out in L.A., and I cannot wait to see what the similarities and differences are with the Dallas residents. I have a haunch that Dallas residents will be highly grateful, loyal and will love our ability to connect with the communities we are in through fundraising, events, donations and more!

Are your prices competitive/less/more than a typical salon?
Our prices are slightly above that of a typical mom-and-pop nail salon.

Why did you choose to work in this industry? What is it about your business that makes you enjoy your job?
Bellacures is about creating a culture in an industry that lacks any culture, style or consistency. I am passionate about bringing this better option to our customers and also about bringing a better work environment to manicurists all over!

What are some trends in services that you see? Will gel manicures continue to be popular, or do you think that their popularity spike?
Gel manicures will continue to be popular for as long as gel is the latest advancement in long-wearing polish. Trends that we see that will eventually fade include, glitter (rock-star nails), nail art, various lines and shapes on nails, getting one or two fingers as a different color, ombre polish, etc.

What's your favorite treatment/service to get personally?
My go-to services are the Bellacures Gelicure and the Scrub-a-dub Pedicure. I would say those are the most popular services at most of our locations as well.