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In the Bag: City Council Votes for a Partial Ban on Plastic

Image via Ban the Bag/Facebook
Image via Ban the Bag/Facebook

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Dallas City Council—by a narrow 8-6 margin—has just passed a partial ban on plastic bags. Starting January 1, 2015, a five-cent fee per bag (paper or plastic) will go into effect (meaning you can still use the bags, you'll just have to pay). The new ordinance will also require retailers to charge customers for bags separately. However, stores will be allowed to keep 10 percent of the income generated, with the remainder going to the city. According to CBS 11, in order to get residents up to speed on the new ordinance, the city will initiate an intensive educational awareness campaign, beginning with retailers. In case you were wondering, a move to completely outlaw plastic bags lost in an 11-3 vote.
· Dallas Council Approves Partial Plastic Bag Ban [CBS 11]