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Deborah Gaspar's Jewelry Wows Celebrities, Common Folk

Image via Deborah Gaspar
Image via Deborah Gaspar

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Talented Dallas jewelry designer Deborah Gaspar makes what she describes as "wearable art." Often featuring mother-of-pearl and other semiprecious gems, her jewelry has big-time fans (hello, Katie Couric) and is increasingly on view at high-profile events across the country—at the Sundance Film Festival this year, she was a featured designer. Tomorrow, she'll be wooing and wowing the local set at Neiman Marcus NorthPark for a trunk show from 10 am-5 pm.

For the uninitiated, describe your jewelry.
Wearable works of art. Hand-crafted, mostly one-of-a-kind statement necklaces and long versatile necklaces that can be worn multiple ways. Stacks of mother-of-pearl bangles with a modern and bold appeal.

What's the latest with your work?
My spring collection is here! I am focusing on sterling silver and rose gold for one collection. Another collection is 14 carat gold-fill with coin pearl, mixed with turquoise and other soft-colored natural stones which remind me of the ocean. With pink being a hot trend, there is a stunning collection with rose gold mixed with yellow gold and unique shapes of pink chalcedony and quartz.

What will you be bringing to Neimans on Friday?
From the sea, to the safari—all the latest in trend jewelry, yet timeless and forever.

Who is your typical buyer/client? Or is there one?
From moms driving carpool to the corporate woman. My collection is for everyone with distinguishable taste and wants to have their own unique look.

A few months ago you went to Sundance and showed your collection. What was the reception/reaction you got on the trip?
The reaction was amazing! The all loved the versatility of the tassel necklaces, how the belts could be worn as necklaces as well as chokers and the dramatic appeal of the statement pieces. The men loved the multicolored link bracelets, and they were especially a huge hit with Gilles Marini.

So some celebrity moments?
Yes, Gilles Marini, Anastasia Roark, Katie Couric, many of the actors from Breaking Bad, Elle Fanning and many more!