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Face It: Natura Bisse Proves a Diamond Really Is Forever

Image via Natura Bissé
Image via Natura Bissé

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It goes without saying that anti-aging creams are beau-coup expensive. (There's a reason why celebs swear by La Mer.) But if said cream actually accomplishes what it sets out to do (i.e., make you look younger), well, I say all bets are off. That's why, in honor of April's birthstone, I give you the Natura Bissé Diamond collection. Based in Barcelona, Spain, (but with a U.S. subsidiary here in Irving) the skin-care company is dedicated to improving customers' skin, and they've done the homework to back up their products. And while your skin-care needs may differ from mine, clients worldwide exalt near-immediate results after using the brand's products.

Sold locally at Neiman Marcus—the department store has been a longtime proponent—I like the Diamond Gel Cream ($295). The anti-aging cream is specially formulated for my dry skin, re-energizing it, not to mention making my face firmer and way softer than ever.
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