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J.C. Penney Has a New Lingerie Line From Elle Macpherson

Image via J.C. Penney
Image via J.C. Penney

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The Body is teaming up with Plano-based J.C. Penney to offer a line of lingerie called—what else?—The Body by Elle Macpherson. The new collection, which refers to the former supermodel's nickname, features mostly cotton bras and underwear.

The new line builds on Macpherson's lingerie business that she founded in 1990 with the launch of a collection of lacy and silk lingerie sold at upscale stores including Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom. Bras from Penney's collection top out at around $50, while bras in the higher-end line go up to $150. The new bras have four distinct silhouettes designed to favor different body shapes: the push up, a demi-cut version, an unlined version and a subtle lift.

"I created this for myself, because I thought there was a gap," Macpherson told The Associated Press. "I really wanted to address this idea of shape."
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