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Who Watched HSN's Snob Essentials Bag Launch Last Night?

Image via Snob Essentials
Image via Snob Essentials

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Yes, raise your hand. A little higher, please. No—wait, you don't know what channel HSN is on your TV? (Guilty.) But many devotees of Dallas-based Bag Snob probably tuned in last night. That's when the ladies behind the blog (Tina Craig and Kelly Cook) launched their first collection. Described as high-quality bags, but with accessible prices, the collection took top billing on the show The List with Colleen Lopez.

Craig appeared at the beginning of the hour, hawking the Jewel Box Crossbody Bag on sale last night for $68. The structured boxy bag features a metal chain and hardware and comes in a variety of colors. Stressed to the viewer beyond submission was that Craig "knows handbags," having reviewed more than 10,000 of them on her blog over the years.

While the verdict may still be out on the "vegan leather/animal-friendly" bags—and their inherent disconnect with what Craig typically traffics in—no doubt fans of the Snobs last night were hyperventilating (once they found the right channel).
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