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Meet Perennially Positive Ashley Berges, Celebrated Life Coach

Image via Ashley Berges/Facebook
Image via Ashley Berges/Facebook

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Dallas spiritual guru Ashley Berges has a devoted following thanks to her career as an author and as a radio personality. We recently talked with the "self-help" dynamo about the keys to having a healthy mind and positive outlook.

You're a life coach and well-known writer. Tell us, how did you get started in the field?
Being a life coach, therapist and prolific writer is a lifelong journey. My journey began before I knew my titles. I'm passionate about helping others find their true self, inspiring them to understand and begin their road to fulfilling their life purpose, and to help them open their eyes to the daily wonders we are programmed to miss.

Do people ever come up to you at parties and try to get a "free" diagnosis on their problems?
A party wouldn't be a party without it! Let's not limit diagnosis to just parties. What about weddings, luncheons, happy hours, meetings and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

What's the No. 1/most "popular" issue young people are struggling with today?
They need guidance and help to understand and locate their life's purpose.

What do you think is the key/are the keys to staying emotionally healthy?
Realizing you hold onto mind-made limitations, by beginning to see them, you can begin to let them go. They only serve to stand in your way. Also, because most of us usually stay in our heads, seeing a life coach helps to get what's in your head out so you can create magic. With all our day-to-day thoughts swirling around, it makes creation and positive progress difficult if not impossible.

What do you do to relax in your downtime?
I exercise in my downtime to keep my mind and body sharp. I spend time with my husband, my dog Buddy, friends and family. Spending time with loved ones is essential to relaxing. It helps to relax your mind and activate your heart. Last but never least, I practice heart-space mediation that moves me from mind-centered to heart-centered. Since love is the only emotion we can actually be, this is essential to relaxation and creation.

What's your ideal day?
Every day. When we realize everyday is just right, we begin to realize ideal is within us.