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She's Part Fly FlyWheel Instructor, Part Bespoke Shirt Designer

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Image via FlyWheel
Image via FlyWheel

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At first look, it's clear Jen Ratan is one of those people who excels at a great many number of things. The FlyWheel instructor (and mom of two young girls) is a dedicated fitness expert who regularly challenges the early-morning clientele at the company's Oak Lawn Avenue studio. Then, her day gets even more revved up when she reports to her Travis Walk studio where she runs Double R, a custom women's shirt company, with her husband Ravi.

Jen got into indoor cycling ten years ago when she decided to run her first marathon to commemorate a milestone birthday. As part of her distance training, she tried an indoor-cycling class. Jen was immediately hooked and quickly decided to become certified as an indoor-cycling instructor. And while it's clear Jen has a love of cardio, she's also a trained Pilates instructor too.
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