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Country Strong: Kaylee Rutland Talks Music and Shopping

Image via Kaylee Rutland
Image via Kaylee Rutland

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For sure, Kaylee Rutland is a rising young country music star. The 18-year-old Flower Mound native was recently named a Billboard Top 10 Country Artist to Watch and her videos on YouTube have generated more than 2.5 million clicks. In addition, the soulful musician happens to love fashion. We recently caught up with singer-songwriter to talk more "shop."

Describe your personal style.
I'm pretty laid-back. When I'm at home, I'm usually in jeans and an old camp t-shirt with some really fuzzy socks.

What's your go-to outfit for performing?
Boots, always boots! I also like dressing up on stage—dresses and skirts are really fun when you're moving around a lot during a performance. I also love fringe jackets or leather vests, turquoise jewelry and vintage belts.

What brands do you like?
I love Free People for flow-y whimsical looks. Union of Angels (sold at Pinto Ranch) for off-the-shoulder tunics and dresses. Cavender's, Lucchese and Old Gringo for boots. I shop at Nordstrom and Topshop a lot too!

If you could only shop at one Dallas-area store, what would it be?
My favorite store right now is Pinto Ranch I fall in love with the clothes and jewelry every time I shop there. And on top of that, it's such a fun place to perform.

You're young, but has your style changed over the last few years?
Definitely! Especially throughout the end of high school and beginning of college, I think I've become more confident and defined in how to express myself with my style. I wear more jewelry than I used to—I love finding Western-style pieces, especially for performances! Red lipstick has also been a style staple lately in my overall look.

What's one trend you'll never wear on stage?
I'm really into more flow-y feminine, All-American girl looks, so you will probably never see me in something skin-tight or super-risqué. When I'm performing, I like to feel comfortable and confident so I can focus on entertaining the audience.

What musician's style are you most obsessed with?
Carrie Underwood has iconic style. It's elegant, tasteful, yet still country. I love how she can be dressed up or dressed down and still look amazing!

Career goals?
One day I would love to sing at the Grand Ole Opry! I'd also like to perform in each of the 50 states.

What's up next for you in the near future?
Over the next few months I'll be doing live performances, a regional radio tour and a music video for my new single, "Good Day to Get Gone!"