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Tan-nerifc: LeAnn Rimes May Be Starting Her Own Bikini Line

Via Getty Images
Via Getty Images

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From the mixed-up files of LeAnn Rimes, comes this nugget: The singer and former Garland resident is thinking about starting her own bikini line. The beachy babe told Fox 411 some such recently: "I've worn so many bikinis that I know what works and what doesn't. I know what I like and I know what's missing in the marketplace. I hope that it comes to fruition."

Rimes dispensed further mad bikini wisdom, adding that, for normal-looking folks: "I think the biggest misconception about bikinis is that if you're heavier, that you need to wear more coverage on your butt. It looks horrible on any woman. The skimpier the bottoms, the better your butt looks! If you look at pictures of women with bikinis that cover the whole butt, it just looks frumpy. Flaunt what you've got!"

Adding even more credence to this possibility: Rimes was spotted recently at Swim Week in Miami, taking notes on the suits during fashion shows.
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